Boost Mac performance with one of these Mac cleaner apps

A heavy hitter in the clean-sweep stakes is CleanMyMac X by MacPaw. At time of writing, it’s $34.95/£29.95 for a one year subscription for one Mac. It’s also available to buy as a one-time purchase if you don’t want to get into a subscription. Plus, there’s a free version available to download if you’d like to try before you buy.

This popular utility gathers a number of useful tools all in one package, including a file cleaner that will delete junk and unnecessary cache files, optimisation and maintenance tools, an application uninstaller (so that you delete all the files that the app scatters around your Mac) and a malware remover. New in version 4.11.0 is a substantial update to the Menu Bar, which now has additional information, such as your laptop’s battery, temperature, and health, your hard drive’s capacity and overall health, your free RAM capacity, and your CPU load and hardware temperature. You’ll also find information, such as drive capacities, CPU speeds, system temperature, system load, and network activity readouts, all readily accessible.

It has a simple layout that offers a variety of functions. These include a general system clean that optimises space by removing temporary files that could be lingering, as well as slimming down unnecessary elements of applications and removing any odds and ends left behind after uninstalls.

There’s also the ability to search through your Photos, Music, and Mail folders to remove and clean up waifs and strays that could be s