Roborock S5 Max Review: A Great Mopping, Vacuuming Companion!

9/10 ? 1 – Absolute Hot Garbage

2 – Sorta Lukewarm Garbage

3 – Strongly Flawed Design

4 – Some Pros, Lots Of Cons

5 – Acceptably Imperfect

6 – Good Enough to Buy On Sale

7 – Great, But Not Best-In-Class

8 – Fantastic, with Some Footnotes

9 – Shut Up And Take My Money

10 – Absolute Design Nirvana Rating: Price: $379.99

If you’re like me, the chore of vacuuming—and especially mopping—frequently gets forgotten or purposefully procrastinated. Roborock’s S5 Max vacuum is the handy companion I’ve been looking for because I get clean floors without having to do any of the work. It’s a win-win.

I previously had the chance to review Roborock’s S7 MaxV Plus vacuum, which is a premium option that comes with an auto-empty dock. But for a lot of people, the S7 MaxV Plus is just too expensive to justify. Since I enjoyed my experience with the Roborock company and mobile app, I was hopeful that the S5 Max would deliver a similarly awesome experience at a more affordable price. It didn’t disappoint.

Pretty affordable, especially when it’s on sale

Can set up schedules for automatic cleaning

Not too noisy

It’s fantastic at both mopping and vacuuming Have to spend time setting up no-mop zones and personalizing where the vacuum can go (or not go)

Need to keep your floors relatively clutter-free

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