Best Stand-Up Paddle Boards for 2022

Cold weather is upon us, but for a lot of riders out there, paddle board season goes all year long. Even if you don’t have a paddle sesh planned in your near future, the holidays are a good time to upgrade your current equipment and check out the different deals SUP brands have to offer.

Whether you’re a paddle board beginner looking to get your feet wet, a veteran SUPer or somewhere in between, I likely have a good match up for you on this list. This best paddle board review is a roundup of my top favorite picks from the collection of SUPs I have tested, including rigid boards and inflatables. Some are built for speed, some are best for balance and others offer a great value — it all depends on your skillset and what you’re looking to use it for.

Continue below for the best paddle board picks, from the best lightweight paddle board to the best yoga SUP.

McKenzie Dillon/CNET Accessories and paddle included

Speed : 7/10

7/10 Stability : 10/10

10/10 Tracking : 8/10

8/10 Price: $699 A great paddle board should have these three qualities: stability, maneuverability and durability. On top of that, most people also look for a good bang for their buck. The Breeze Aero from BOTE checks a ton of boxes for what your average paddler wants in a new, quality SUP. Not to mention, it’s one good-looking board. The BOTE Breeze Aero provides balance, speed, durability and maneuverability all in one SUP package. Speaking of packages, you also get additional gear with the board lik