Family, friends mourn the loss of 16-year-old Osceola High School student

Kissimmee Police say 16-year-old Paola Pagan was fatally stabbed shortly after leaving her family’s apartment to go to the bus stop Thursday morning.

Early Friday, police say they arrested a 17-year-old “estranged friend” who lived in the apartment above Pagan’s and charged him with murder.

The arrest warrant shows when police realized the suspect contradicted himself during questioning, he was questioned further and eventually held out his hands to be handcuffed and confessed.

One of Pagan’s friends at Osceola High School said it’s hard to believe she’s gone.

“She was such a nice person, a fun person to be around and it’s upsetting and sad that it had to be her,” said classmate Dylan Grecni.

A spokesperson for Osceola County Public Schools said grief counselors were made available to students and staff on Thursday and Friday.

Grecni said he couldn’t go to school Friday, the place where he and Pagan became friends.

“We talked every day, laughed every day, got our work done and we would always make jokes about stuff,” he said.

Instead, Grecni spent the day gathering balloons, a stuffed animal and took the items to Pagan’s family as those close to the teen girl try to somehow make sense of an unimaginable loss.

“It’s just messed up that you would do that, even out of anger you shouldn’t do that, especially one of your older friends,” said Grecni. “It’s just messed up that you would wake up to do that to someone.”

Officials with the Kissimmee Police Department say the