Letters: Abortion was the key election issue, and voters punished Republicans

The most significant factor in the midterms was women outraged over the Dobbs decision.

Decades ago, Republican leadership decided to make abortion an issue knowing their evangelical base would rally around them, and indeed they did.

Throughout the years, anti-abortion foes waged war against women who fought back, determined to make their own decisions about their health in consultation with their partners, doctors and religion.

We refused to go back to women dying while seeking medical abortion care.

Finally, what the party became — MAGA Republicans — have been hoisted on their own petard, on abortion, their support of Donald Trump, the big lie and his attempted overthrow of our government.

A lesson for all politicians: When you sell your soul for power, you may prevail in the short run, but in the long run, America will do the right thing.

Women won’t forget all the political enablers who left democracy and women’s fundamental rights hanging in the balance. You stayed silent, but women raised their voices. Can you hear us now?