Leading A Diverse Team As A Serial Entrepreneur

Managing others is one of the most difficult responsibilities of a business owner. How your employees interact with each you, each other, and with customers is the strongest predictor of business success or failure.

Knowing how sensitive it is to manage people in a business context, imagine doing that across multiple businesses. Serial entrepreneur, Chase Chappell, knows a thing or two about leading a diverse team of people to be their best. “Every team has people with different strengths, personalities, and skill sets. The variation between these elements is even wider when you’re talking about a team that is spread across multiple businesses. It’s definitely a challenge to keep all of them happy and bring the best out in them.”

Chappell began as a social media manager, managing a single watch brand. From there he shifted to Facebook advertising. Since then, he has morphed his offerings into an uber-successful ad agency, Chappell Digital. Due to the success of his Facebook advertising, specifically his high return on ad spend (ROAS), his agency gets a consistent supply of clients. Chappell Digital boasts some notable brands among its clientele, Power Crunch and 7-Eleven among them.

Chappell is also developing a company that does personal branding for student-athletes to position them for the present and future of NIL (name, image, and likeness). He is also the creator of Sirge.io, an innovative and completely data-driven software that helps ad agencies and marketers of e-