Sinbad’s Friend Details His Road to Recovery After the Comedian’s Severe Stroke (Exclusive)

More than two years after Sinbad suffered a major stroke, further details surrounding the comedian’s steep road to recovery are coming to light.

Sinbad’s stroke occurred in October 2020. At the time, his family released a statement saying they were “faithful and optimistic that he will bring laughter into our hearts soon.”

However, this week, the 66-year-old comedian’s family shared a post titled “The Journey Forward,” in which they revealed Sinbad’s mobility issues, detailed his ongoing road to recovery and launched a fund where fans can help donate to his ongoing fight to one day walk across the stage again.

Sinbad’s condition was so severe that he underwent several medical procedures, was in a medically induced coma and was even placed on a ventilator. The comedian was not discharged from round-the-clock treatment until nine months after his stroke.

ET got an update from one of Sinbad’s close friends from college, Phylliss Johnson, where she detailed the comedian’s current condition. “He’s in the process of rehabbing from the stroke and learning to enunciate words and get his mobility back, at this time,” Johnson shared.

She went on to explain that while Sinbad’s current condition is not dire, it is incredibly debilitating. “Just learning to walk and talk, and do all the things he could do for himself that he needs assistance with now,” Johnson explained.

While Sinbad’s recovery is nothing short of remarkable, the intense therapy and rehabilitation that he continues