These are the Black Friday deals to avoid while holiday shopping

Getting caught up in the spirit Black Friday—the busy shopping day after Thanksgiving— is easy. You’re in a mental mindset to spend—and retailers count on that to lure you in with doorbuster prices and hope you buy a lot more while you’re there. Sometimes, though, the deals aren’t as good as they seem.

Certain categories of merchandise are best avoided on Black Friday. And the team at DealNews has advice on what you should avoid (and for how long). Here are things you’re better off bypassing.

There are great deals on some name-brand TVs on Black Friday. There are also specials on off-brands. Those are the ones you’re better off avoiding. Televisions are an expensive enough product that it’s wise to get a major brand, as the quality is generally better. Missed out on the best deals today? Wait until late January/early February, when they’ll usually go on sale again at comparable or better prices.

If you’re hunting for one of the year’s red-hot items, then definitely buy it if you see it. But if you’re simply shopping for random toys, Black Friday isn’t the best time to buy them, despite the sales. There are good odds you’ll find better prices closer to Christmas.

It’s tempting to buy makeup when you’re already at a big box store like Macy’s, but the Black Friday deals usually aren’t great. Cyber Monday generally has better discounts, says DealNews . And more stores will be offering them.

While there are some bargains for people looking to get in a festive mood, you’re bet