Buckingham Preserve residents voice traffic concerns amid new home development plans

BUCKINGHAM, Fla. — Buckingham Preserve residents are hoping to stop a new development that would bring more than 250 homes to their area.

“My next address was going to be the cemetery, so this is where I want to live,” Buckingham resident Sandra Wilkes said.

Buckingham Preserve has been Wilkes’s home for four decades. But she has noticed her way of life has been changing.

“You cannot ride a horse out on the road here like you used to,” she said.

Wilkes said there is constant traffic on these two-lane roads. And others agree.

“It’s horrible in the mornings,” Jack Wilkes said.

“We live down there on Orange River Blvd and to get out of our driveway, you can sit there for 10-15 minutes,” another resident, Nancy Hutto said.

At the corner of Tice and Staley Road, cars can be seen roaring nonstop.

This is just part of the reason why residents are concerned about more than 258 homes possibly being built here.

“It’s already zoned back in 2017 by the county commissioner for 160 homes,” Wilkes said.

The developer is asking Lee County to consider adding 98 more homes to the area, making the total number 258.

“Another concern that we have out here is the wetlands, the wetlands that are behind you,” Wilkes said. “They are going to destroy the wetlands and all of the wildlife that is in there will disappear.”

Residents tell me they have attended meetings for a year already.

“We know that there is going to be progress but we don’t need this kind of progress out here,” Hutto said