Lincoln Hornets prepare for state championship game

SAN DIEGO — The Lincoln Hornets are headed to their second state championship in the last five years.

“It’s surreal, this is something we thought that it could happen this year, we know we had chance with the boys we have on the squad to go all the way if we just didn’t beat ourselves,” head coach David Dunn said.

Led by Georgia-commit Roderick Robinson, they look to take on a 10-3 De La Salle team Friday at 8 p.m. at Saddleback College.

“De La Salle has a very historical program that does great things offensively and defensively, very sound, very disciplined,” Dunn said.

So far in the playoffs, the Hornets have only allowed their opponents to average around 12 points a game, one of the many reasons Dunn is proud of his defense.

“Defense wins championships, we love the offense and we love to put points up, but defense wins champions. The way our defense is designed and set up, the guys are on a mission,” Dunn said.

They are hoping to bring the same mindset they had all year to this state title game.

“I’ve seen them get behind and not fight each other, but encourage each other to finish strong. The boys don’t quit, that’s rule number one, once you start something here, you don’t quit,” Dunn said.