Avatar: The Way of Water ending explained: How it sets up Avatar 3

James Cameron’s movies are not exactly complicated. But considering that The Way of Water comes in at over three hours long, this epic Pandora adventure might need a recap once the ending arrives and the credits have rolled.

After 13 years, continues the story of Cameron’s 2009 blockbuster Avatar. Back on Pandora, the greedy Resources Development Administration (RDA) return to mine more resources while seeking to stop the traitorous Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) from being a thorn in their operations. The hunt for the Sullys compels them to flee to a new corner of Pandora that is home to the Metkayina, a clan of Na’vi whose biology and culture are more attuned to the sea.

The Way of Water is a blockbuster epic that pays homage to classic cinema genres, from Westerns to pulp sci-fi, in its tale about an underdog native civilization against a heavily-armed imperial army. But at its core, Avatar: The Way of Water is about a family trying to stick together in the face of adversity. And a lot happens to this family, with even more to come in the already-filmed Avatar 3 .

For those in need of a quick recap on the ending of Avatar: The Way of Water , we’ve got you covered.

Warning: Spoilers for Avatar: The Way of Water ahead.

The end of Avatar: The Way of Water isn’t too unlike how the original ended. The climax of the movie still features Jake Sully on opposite ends of the battlefield from former mentor and series villain Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang), whose mind and memories