Go away with … Danielle Collins

For Danielle Collins, working out daily is a must, but she does so with mindfulness. “I always try to get a workout in every day and hit the court,” the 29-year-old tennis player said. “It’s true that our bodies absolutely need time to recover after a long season of training and competition. You simply cannot continue to push your body to the limit 365 days a year. That’s when I try to focus more on functional movement and strength development, while not losing touch on the court.” Based out of Florida where she grew up, Collins is also an ambassador for Waterdrop, a sustainable hydration brand that’s mission is to encourage people to drink more water.

Q: Which cities do you think are the most tennis friendly?

A: I’d say Melbourne and Rome. I love visiting these tennis-enthusiast cities. The courts are pristine, the fans are always lovely and after returning time and time again for tournaments, they’ve begun to feel like homes away from home.

Q: What is your favorite vacation destination?

A: Byron Bay, Australia, and Santorini, Greece. When I first visited Santorini, it was like nowhere I’d ever been. The water is spectacular, the food is out of this world and the history is absolutely everywhere you look. I also recommend surfing in Australia. It’s my favorite sport besides tennis. Australians take their surfing very seriously and the swells match their enthusiasm. Byron Bay in particular was a special spot where I’ve had some of my favorite afternoons riding waves and t