My View: Board games are both nostalgic and relevant

During past holiday seasons, when I was in my teens, I remember going to friends’ homes to view the gifts, eat homemade cookies, and play board games. There were always some new games brought by Santa. Through the many years I still, in my twilight years, have some of these games we played in Cheektowaga. Some pieces are missing and have been replaced by substitutes. My own children enjoyed these games and the grandchildren have been introduced to them.

One original that still exists is Park and Shop, focusing on shopping in neighborhood stores. This Milton Bradley game dates back to the fifties, the happy days of my youth. Our world was certainly different during those times. I remember crossing Maryvale Drive from Tiorunda to visit my friends Linda and Sandy who lived closer to our Cleveland Hill school. Now, the expressway would make that impossible.

Still another game is Star Reporter, surviving with six airplanes pieces, but only the pink and yellow telephones. Some of us pre-teen and teenage girls had intentions of being reporters. Others saw themselves as Nancy Drew, solving mysteries. I must admit that our original Nancv Drew game has been replaced by a newer version, but still captures the old look with the “Sign of the Twisted Candles,” “Old Attic,” “Moss Covered Mansion” and others. It uses the blonde fashionably dressed Nancy in a skirt.

Our Monopoly game disappeared to Florida with my parents’ retirement. My husband and I bought a German version when stationed