Metro Council chooses to keep the Stormwater District intact after potentially repealing it

BATON ROUGE- After many discussions, the East Baton Rouge Metro Council decided to delete an item that would roll back the Stormwater District.

This is the latest question that still lingers after the fallout from the Stormwater Utility Fee proposed by the Mayor’s Office in the fall.

Councilwoman Laurie Adams says keeping the structure of the Stormwater District was the best decision for now, and hopes for more public input going forward.

“We can have a good, honest discussion on our problems, what our concerns are, and what residents should know and expect,” Adams told WBRZ.

People across East Baton Rouge Parish, as well as Metro Council members felt blindsided by the fee that many believe was a tax.

“I’m very concerned as a Metro Council member that I felt so misled, and felt I was having to chose between one proposal I could see and another thing behind a curtain. That’s not transparent government, and does not help me represent people,” Adams told WBRZ in October.

Council members made a public records request to find out the origins of the fee.

But Wednesday night, council members say they have what they need.

“We got what we requested, now it’s up to us to disseminate what it is,” Councilman Aaron Moak told WBRZ.

But the stormwater issue in Baton Rouge is still a major concern. Moak says there may be a solution by moving over existing tax dollars to cover the storm water cost.

“We do it all the time as far as addressing our budgetary needs,” Moak said.