Russia-Ukraine war live: ‘small pockets of resistance’ from Ukraine in Soledar, says Moscow-installed official

From 20m ago 00.39 EST A Russia-installed official in Donetsk, Andrey Baevsky, said there were still “small pockets of resistance” from Ukraine inside the city, claiming Russian-backed troops had nearly full control. Baekvsky, who is a Lieutenant Colonel and the deputy of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic’s parliament, told the Russian state-owned media agency “At the moment, indeed, there are still separate small pockets of resistance in Soledar, [but] our guys continue to crush the enemy in these places.” “In general, the operation [has] developed successfully and the western outskirts of Soledar are already completely under our control,” he added.

6m ago 00.53 EST A senior US envoy expressed strong concern Thursday about the activities of the Russian private military contractor Wagner Group and its alleged attempts to recruit soldiers in Serbia and elsewhere in the world. US state department Counselor Derek Chollet also urged Serbia to introduce sanctions against its traditional Slavic ally Russia. “We believe that countries should sign on to the sanctions, and the reason why we believe that is because Russia’s actions do not only have to be condemned, they have to be punished,” he said. “Russia every day is prosecuting a brutal, unjustified war against Ukraine. We need to stand together, to ensure that this behavior, it’s clear that this behavior is unacceptable.” The US envoy this week launched a tour of several Balkan nations in a visit focused on internati