Keeping the PS5 in Vertically Upright Position Will Not Damage It, Report Clarifies

Keeping your PS5 upright is completely fine, news outlet Wololo has clarified. A report from a few weeks ago suggested that placing the current gen console in a vertical position was prone to do internal harm by causing the liquid metal to leak down the sides of the APU, and eventually spread onto the motherboard. The outlet has now retracted its statement, claiming that while the problem can still occur, there is “no evidence” that it will happen to consoles fresh out of the box, devoid of tampering. This would mainly affect those who had their PS5s repaired recently, so you might need to be cautious in how you position it. Fresh PS5s are not in any danger when placed vertically.

Wololo stated that the initial report had to do with a misunderstanding on their part, where they “thought” that the liquid metal problem happened on an untampered, in-box PS5 unit. “What he [The Cod3r — hardware Youtuber who first brought the design flaw to attention] said (and meant) was PS5s that had not been opened (the actual console!) by other repair shops prior to him,” Wololo tweeted. If the issue indeed was severe, it would paint Sony in a bad picture, as the company continues to advertise the product in an upright position. Sony made it clear previously that you could orient a PS5 both vertically as well as horizontally, thanks to a plastic base that clips onto the console’s outer white shell.

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