Russia-Ukraine war: Belarus begins air force drills with Russia; Dnipro strike death toll rises to 35 – live

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The number of people killed in a Russian missile attack on a residential block in Dnipro has risen to 35, according to Ukrainian officials.

Dnipro’s regional governor, Valentyn Reznichenko, confirmed 35 people were killed in the attack in an update shared to Telegram about 8.30am on Monday.

The search and rescue operation in Dnipro has been going on for almost 40 hours. At night, rescuers pulled out several more dead from under the rubble of a high-rise building destroyed by a Russian missile. At that time, the enemy attack claimed the lives of 35 residents of the building. Among them are two children. 39 people were saved, 75 were injured. Among the injured are 14 children. The fate of another 35 residents of the building is unknown. The search for people under the rubble continues.

Dnipro’s mayor, Borys Filatov, told Reuters:

The chances of saving people now are minimal. I think the number of dead will be in the dozens.”

Claiming responsibility for the missile strikes across Ukraine, Russia’s defence ministry said on Sunday that it achieved its goal.

A ministry statement posted on Telegram said: “All designated targets have been hit. The goal of the attack has been achieved.” However, it did not mention the attack on the Dnipro residential building.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy condemned the Russian people’s “cowardly silence” over the attack, noting that Ukraine had received messages of sympathy from around t