Watch: G20 Delegates Join Local Folk Dancers In Maharashtra

Delegates who arrived in India for the G20 (Group of Twenty Summit) were seen performing traditional lezim dance with local artists at a cultural program in Pune on Monday.

In a video shared by news agency ANI on Twitter, several delegates are seen matching steps with the dancers and grooving as the thumping beats of dhols can be heard at the event. We can also see a number of people dressed in traditional Maharashtrian attire to welcome the guests.

#WATCH | Maharashtra: G-20 delegates joined local artists performing Maharashtrian lezim dance at a cultural program in Pune yesterday — ANI (@ANI) January 16, 2023

In December, several G20 delegates joined local traditional dancers at Girgaon Chowpatty when they were on their way to Colaba, Mumbai. They too were given the same welcome with the sound of drums and Koli and Lavani songs. The envoys were seen enjoying and grooving to the music.

India assumed the G20 presidency from Indonesia on December 1, 2022. As part of the summit, the country will host more than 200 meetings across over 50 cities. The theme of the G20 summit is Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam or “One Earth. One Family. One Future.”

The first meeting of the G20 Development Working Group (DWG) was held from December 13 to December 16 in Mumbai.

The delegates went to the Kanheri Caves in Mumbai for an excursion in December and also attended a light and sound show at Victoria Memorial in Kolkata this month.

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