Drive-in movie taking over Pearlridge Center parking lot this weekend

HONOLULU (KHON2) – Growing up in Kailua, my parents would always speak about their experiences going to the drive-in movie, which is now the location of Le Jardin Academy.

What was once a nostalgic experience has been rebranded during the pandemic to become one more of safety.

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But that nostalgia can still continue and this weekend, you’ll have the next chance to go to a drive-thru movie right here in the Pearlridge Center parking lot.

So, to find out more about this event, we’re here with the Executive Director of U.S. Vets Waianae, Tanya Brown.

Tell us about this next round of drive-in movies with this event called “Cars under the Stars” this weekend.

“We are extremely excited for our event this weekend,” says Brown.

“It is a fundraiser for us that really stemmed from the pandemic. So, this is our second year. And while the rest of the world shut down last year, we decided to keep our doors open and to continue giving services. So of course, we needed to fundraise, and we needed to be creative, fundraise while within the restrictions. And so, we brought back the drive-in movie theater experience.”

I hear that this is actually going to be screening Star Wars.

How do you even get to be able to screen Star Wars?

“Well, we have very strong partnerships, and thanks to our partnership with Disney Aulani, as well as Pearlridge Center, we’re going to be able to have our event right here this Saturday, 5:00 pm in the parking lot right