The Great Rockies Sportshow highlights outdoor activities for Billings community

BILLINGS, MT. – The Great Rockies Sportshow hosts different activities educating attendees about the great outdoors.

“”You can pass down your own outdoor heritage,” said Bill Reier, the Producer of the Great Rockies Sportshow.

“Whether it’s your love of hunting, and fishing and camping, it’s great stuff that people can pass down to their own children.”

Families aren’t the only group of people that enjoy the event.

Lee LeCaptain, the Producer of the Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show, said he enjoys getting to travel around the country for work, but particularly, enjoys coming to Montana.

“They’re the people that really appreciate the simple things in life and I’m kind of the same way,” explained LeCaptain.

“It’s nice to get out again. We’ve had a lot of turmoil for the couple of years. It’s been great to come out have some fun and enjoy life. I get that feeling here.”

The Great Rockies Sportshow will continue until Sunday at MetraPark, and members of the community are encouraged to come down to learn about the outdoors.