Hrithik Roshan’s Birthday Wish For Sunaina Wins Hearts: “If You Didn’t Exist, Didi…”

The award for the best birthday wish goes to Hrithik Roshan. The actor came up with the sweetest note for his sister Sunaina Roshan. She turned 51 on Sunday, January 22. Hrithik has also shared a set of pictures featuring himself and his “didi” to mark the day. We also got a glimpse of the intimate birthday celebration. The entire Roshan family came under one roof to make the day a special one for Sunaina. Of course, Saba Azad was there. Now, let us take a look at Hrithik’s note. “My soul would have not been this enriched if you didn’t exist didi. Thank you for being exactly who you are and the way you are. You teach without even knowing that you do. I love you. Happy Birthday!! ” Replying to the post, their mother Pinkie Roshan said, “Awwwwww. This is awesome. Love you both so much.”

Pinkie Roshan has also shared a heartwarming birthday wish for her darling daughter Sunaina Roshan. Sharing a picture from the birthday party, she wrote, “Happy birthday to my darling daughter… my sunshine, my life, my heartbeat. Your happiness means the world to all of your family. We love you. The orange candles, the flowers in yellow, the colours of the cake says it all … we want your life filled with colours.”

Now, look at Rakesh Roshan’s special note for his daughter Sunaina Roshan. The filmmaker has picked a throwback picture featuring himself and the birthday girl. The caption read, “Nothing lights up the world more than you! Keep the brightness with your smile. Happy birthday, my Niks.