A Labor Of Love – An Interview With Dos Hombres’ Meastro, Gregorio Velasco

I had the privilege of binge-watching Breaking Bad as my anxiety shot through the roof season after season. The show has become so iconic it’s difficult not to associate the lead actors — one whom was a modest chemistry teacher turned ruthless kingpin — making meth in an RV somewhere in the desert. Years later, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman have teamed up again.

Many know Dos Hombres Mezcal’s founders, prominent actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. However, there’s a third essential piece to the puzzle, without whom Dos Hombres would not exist: third-generation mezcalero Gregorio Velasco, who has been making mezcal in the tiny Oaxacan village of San Luis del Rio since he was

Omaid Homayun: How did you cross paths with Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul?

Gregorio Velasco: Bryan and Aaron took a week-long trip touring distilleries across the region of Oaxaca, and it is my understanding they weren’t finding anything they both really loved. They visited my village of San Luis del Rio on their very last day in the country and met with different mezcaleros in town to no avail. As they were leaving, my son approached them and invited them to our family’s operation to sample. By an act of fate, they said yes! They followed my son through a river and small hike. And as they say, the rest is history.

Homayun: What is the significance of being a maestro?

Velasco: To me, being a maestro is more than just a passion — it’s my heritage. Mezcaleros have been in my family dating back to my