Mister Foods Fancy Offers Winter Takeout in Burlington

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Instead of hibernating for the winter, Mister Foods Fancy has swapped its food truck for twice-weekly takeout from its prep kitchen in Burlington’s Old North End.

Paul Trombly hit the road with his vegetarian food truck in June 2022, serving smothered crispy potatoes, broccolini tostadas, fried halloumi and curried falafel burgers at Foam Brewers, Truck Stop, Summervale, and other Burlington-area venues and events all summer long. From late January through April, a rotating menu of Mister Foods Fancy’s Middle Eastern-inspired, veggie-forward sandwiches, sides and sweet treats will be available for pickup on Wednesday and Thursday, 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., at 336 North Winooski Avenue in Burlington. Additional weekend pop-ups are in the works.

click to enlarge File: Daria Bishop

“Essentially, it’s to help us get through the winter months,” Trombly said. “But after two days of doing it, [I can say] it’s nice not to have to load a truck. It’s just here.”

Customers can place day-of pickup orders online or in person; preorders are not available. The menu features both à la carte options and meal kits, which include a sandwich or main dish, two sides, and a sweet. Trombly is also offering winter takeout memberships for the meal kits, with four- and 10-week subscriptions that resemble local farms’ pay-ahead CSA programs.

Mister Foods Fancy is not allowed to offer on-site dining in the prep kitchen, which occupies Unit 2 of the former Salvation