Obituary: John O’Dowd, 1949-2022

John O’Dowd died suddenly on December 10, 2022. He went for a walk with his beloved wife on a beautiful sunny day and didn’t come back. We are heartbroken at his sudden absence and comforted that he did not suffer or linger. Renamed by his grandson as “Bop,” he became “Bop” to all.A northern transplant with deep southern roots, Bop grew up on the beaches of South Carolina, loved BBQ and his mama and was forever on the quest for a proper glass of unsweetened iced tea. Proud of his military education (The Citadel) and service in the army (Ranger school, 82nd Airborne Division and the JAG core), John was an open and progressive thinker who supported public services and justice. Following his military service, John was a private practice defense attorney, became an author, earned a black belt in karate, and was an advocate for the Americans with Disabilities Act.A lawyer through and through, John loved to argue, debate, rile and question. While he wasn’t aiming to hurt feelings, our Bop wasn’t particularly concerned with causing offense. Outgoing, outrageous and loud, with a quirky sense of humor, Bop wasn’t for the faint of heart but always found his champions. Beneath all the bluster lived a remarkably kind and sensitive soul. This was most apparent with his grandson and granddaughter, whom he shamelessly adored. He gloried in their growth, intelligence and development. In return, they were among Bop’s fiercest advocates and vocal cheerleaders. As an accomplished writer, it was