Analysis: It’s time for Brandon Beane to go all in on stockpiling weapons for Bills’ offense

The Buffalo Bills have fallen behind in the AFC arms race.

That was readily apparent Sunday when the offense managed a meager 10 points in its divisional playoff loss to the Cincinnati Bengals. It will become even more apparent this Sunday when those same Bengals face the Kansas City Chiefs in an AFC championship game rematch. Those are the teams the Bills are chasing, and right now, they’re not particularly close.

The day after his team was eliminated, head coach Sean McDermott said he’s a big believer “in you are who you are in the last game of the season.”

Who the Bills are is a team that has failed its franchise quarterback. Josh Allen is a unicorn – capable of running over or through defenders while having the ability to make every throw on the field. But he needs more help than General Manager Brandon Beane gave him during the 2022 season.

The Bengals have a better offensive line and group of receivers than the Bills do – even through the snow, that was easy to see Sunday. The Chiefs have a better offensive line in front of quarterback Patrick Mahomes and at least an equal set of skill-position players when you include tight end Travis Kelce among the pass catchers.

It’s on Beane to fix that this offseason as best he can.

“Yeah, I mean I’d love to have the perfect line and I’d love to get as many weapons,” the GM said Tuesday during his season-ending news conference. “We’re always looking. We added Nyheim (Hines) in season. In which, it was to help our offense, as