Video: Bottle Thrown At Singer Kailash Kher During Karnataka Show

Singer Kailash Kher faced heckling at a concert in Karnataka’s Hampi on Sunday allegedly for not singing any Kannada song. A bottle was thrown at him from the crowd that was angry with the singer for singing only Hindi songs during the closing ceremony of the Hampi Utsav, said police.

Two locals – Pradeep, 22, and Surah, 21 – were arrested in this regard and their statements have been recorded, said police.

Mr Kher could be seen performing when the bottle flies towards him but misses by a whisker, and drops on the stage behind him. Not distracted by this, the singer continues with his performance. Seconds later, an official was seen removing the half-filled water bottle from the stage.

The three-day Hampi Utsav, which began on January 27, is an annual festival organised by the Karnataka government to commemorate the heritage of the former Vijayanagara Empire.