Cookie Run Kingdom Characters List in the Cookie Run Game (2023)

Cookie Run: OvenBreak is an endless running game inspired by The Gingerbread Man folk tale. Its art style, enthralling gameplay, and attractive characters have left a mark on worldwide users’ minds.

As a player, your main task is to control the cookie characters in the game and keep running to complete the levels. All of them are challenging yet sweet; thus, users be hooked to the gameplay.

If you’re new to this game, you may not know about all the characters available. Nevertheless, every player of this game may be curious to know what you will unlock in the future.

But you can’t see all the game characters in one place if they’re not unlocked. Don’t worry; in this post, I’ll provide you with all the available characters in the game right now.

Cookie Run: OvenBreak has over 166 characters of different ranks, and almost all come with separate pets. Each has different capabilities you need to know to use them properly in the game.

Many characters are of epic rank, some are rare, and a few are legendary in the game. But all of them have the potential to entertain you and help you perform better.

It’ll take you a lot of time to find out about all the characters, so the below list is for you that contains the name and ranks.

NAME RANK PET Adventurer Cookie Epic Backpacky Alchemist Cookie Rare Energy Scales Amber Sugar Cookie Epic Humble Bumble Almond Cookie Epic Constable Whiskers Aloe Cookie Epic A.L.O.E Drone Ananas Dragon Cookie Legendary Pineapplemur Angel Cookie Rare