Madonna Tops Off Androgynous Outfit with a Riding Crop While Presenting at the 2023 Grammys

The Queen of Pop made it to the Grammys!

All eyes were on Madonna, 64, as she celebrated “all of the little rebels” at 2023 Grammy Awards while introducing Sam Smith and Kim Petras’ performance of their Grammy-winning single, “Unholy.”

“Here’s what I’ve learned after four decades in music: If they call you shocking, scandalous problematic, provocative or dangerous, you are definitely onto something,” said the iconic singer, who continues to push boundaries 40 years into her own career.

Madonna’s androgynous look included a black blazer with a white button-up shirt and black tie, plus a floor-length black skirt and fishnet gloves and stockings. She accessorized with lace gloves and a riding crop. Beautywise, she wore her hair pulled back into two pigtail braids pinned up, with two small braids down the front of her face and added to the effect by dyeing her eyebrows platinum blonde.

“I am here to give thanks to all the rebels out here forging a new path and taking the heat for all of it. You guys need to know – all you trouble makers out there – you need to know that your fearlessness does not go unnoticed,” Madonna continued. “You are seen. You are heard and most of all, you are appreciated.”

Smith and Petras’ single “Unholy” won the Grammy for best pop duo/group performance — Petras’ first. The artist made a heartfelt acceptance speech, thanking allies like Madonna as well as the transgender artists who came before her, opening the door for her to win this award as a tr