Microsoft’s New Development Will Let Windows 11 Control RGB Lighting: Report

Windows 11, in its latest Insider Build, will reportedly get control over RGB lighting directly from the system. Most Windows gaming laptops and desktop PCs feature RGB lighting as accessories to enhance the experience for gamers. Most companies like Dell, HP, Asus and Lenovo offer custom apps to let users control these lights or the effects they emit. However, Windows 11 does not offer any native control or app for these RGB lights in its settings. Now, Microsoft is said to be working on the light control feature to stop the need for third-party apps.

According to a report by Bleeping Computer via software developer Albacore, the Insider build of Windows 11 has been spotted housing hidden controls for controlling RGB lights on your Windows system in its latest iteration. The findings suggest that the Settings menu will soon be allowing users to control RGB lighting. The Personalization section in the Settings menu provides an overview of all the devices with RGB components, including the ones attached externally.

In the screenshots shared by the developer, the app interface shows an option to adjust the brightness as well as the colour of these lights. Additionally, Windows, as can be seen, will also allow users to change the light effects and the speed at which these animations happen. There is also an option to match the RGB lights’ colour with the Windows 11 accent colour. With this option, laptop and PC manufacturers can now rely on Microsoft to control these effects i