Jack Mercer Obituary (1945

Longtime resident of Polson and Missoula, Jack Blaine Mercer, 77, died in Apollo, Pennsylvania on February 8, 2023, due to complications from Parkinson’s Disease. He was in the care of his beloved Roxy, with the help of the local Hospice.

Jack was born in Missoula, Montana on September 29, 1945, and graduated from Missoula County High School. He served in the Airforce Reserve as an aircraft mechanic during the Vietnam War. His love of engines and machinery continued throughout his life. Motorcycles, Corvettes, snowmobiles, and boats were always around him.

He spent many summers cruising Flathead Lake in his houseboat. Jack was a businessman as well as a fisherman and bought and sold many properties around Polson. He often travelled in his van to the deserts and mountains. He took in a lot of scenery in his life as well as a lot of fish.

Jack was preceded in death by his mother, Margaret Dunstan Mercer, his father, Gem Henry Mercer, his brother, Michael and sister, Shan.

He is survived by his daughter, Jackie, and grandsons, Phineas and Beren of Pennsylvania, his brother, Toby, of Kalispell, his sister, Gem, of Challis, ID and his brothers, John and David, and his stepmother, Billie, all of Polson.

His ashes will be returned to Flathead Lake where his family and friends will have a simple memorial during the summer. Memories and condolences may be sent to the family at www.lakefuneralhomeandcremation.com.