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DeSantis moves toward GOP presidential bid on his own terms

NEW YORK (AP) — Ron DeSantis has emerged as a political star early in the 2024 presidential election season even as he ignores many conventions of modern politics. The Florida governor often avoids gatherings of fellow Republican governors and party leaders. He is the only top-tier presidential prospect yet to court voters in Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina. And he is often at odds with the press. It is becoming increasingly clear that the Florida governor will manage his presidential aspirations in his own way and on his own timeline. DeSantis has quietly begun to expand his political coalition on his terms just as he releases a book, “The Courage to be Free,” which comes out Tuesday.

Migrant boat breaks up off Italian coast, killing nearly 60

ROME (AP) — A wooden boat crowded with migrants smashed into rocky reefs and broke apart before dawn off the Italian coast. By sundown on Sunday, rescuers had recovered nearly 60 bodies, and dozens more people were missing in the turbulent water. United Nations officials feared the death toll could top 100 since survivors indicated the boat had as many as 200 passengers when it set out from Turkey. The Italian Coast Guard says at least 80 people were found alive, including some who reached the shore after the shipwreck just off Calabria’s coastline along the Ionian Sea.

Tens of thousands protest Mexico’s electoral law changes

MEXICO CITY (AP) — Tens of thousands of