Careers Now: How to network with recruiters on LinkedIn

DEAR READERS: There are so many ways to use LinkedIn. One question I’ve heard people ask is, “What is the best way to network with recruiters on LinkedIn?” I reached out to several business executives and hiring pros for some advice; here is what they told me.

“LinkedIn is the go-to way to connect with recruiters — it is full of them,” says Kamyar Shah, CEO of the business consulting firm World Consulting Group.

The following tips can help job seekers reach out to recruiters in that “go-to way.”

Make sure your experience aligns with the recruiter’s specialties. That advice comes from Benjamin Farber, resident of the executive search firm Bristol Associates Inc.

“If an entry-level professional looking for health care positions connects with a recruiter who specializes in executive-level real estate, for instance, the likelihood of having relevant opportunities is slim to none,” Farber explains.

Initiate an introduction. Farber says a brief introduction with a resume attached is a good first step once you’ve confirmed you’re working with the right recruiter.

“Even if a recruiter may not have related opportunities during the initial encounter, the recruiter will already have the candidate’s resume in their database in case there is a future job opening worth pursuing,” he explains.

Turn on “open to opportunities” in LinkedIn settings.

“Your current company won’t be able to see it, but recruiters can — and they may reach out to you,” Shah explains. “It’s also a great idea