Destructive winds topple trees, powerlines across Southern California

Stormy weather across Southern California continued causing destruction on Wednesday, downing trees and powerlines while causing sinkholes and mudslides.

Residents are struggling amid a winter storm that brought historic amounts of rain, snowfall and powerful winds.

Scenes across the Southland show residents dealing with the aftermath of damage in their communities.

A massive Torrey Pine tree crashed down in Brentwood early Wednesday morning, jolting residents awake while knocking down power lines.

No injuries have been reported so far, but residents remain on edge, terrified the next downed tree will jeopardize their homes, vehicles or physical safety.

A massive weather system has been dumping rain, hail and snow, endangering residents who aren’t used to dealing with such torrential weather conditions.

Graupel was seen all across SoCal on Wednesday afternoon, bringing a rare wintry sight.

A video from Hunter Garner captured the wintry scene in Playa Del Rey on Wednesday afternoon.

“It’s snow hailing in Playa Del Rey! Wow! It’s not even that cold!” exclaimed Garner.

As moisture continues saturating ground soil, rooted trees are crashing down, sinkholes are opening up and massive amounts of mud and debris are sliding down cliffsides.

“We had a tree two, three weeks ago that fell down exactly the same way,” said Rosalyn Firemark, a Brentwood resident. “It missed the neighbor’s house by a hair. It’s 130-foot trees falling over. It’s terrifying.”

“Our neighbor, they mo