Moderna to hire some 2,000 employees amid development push

CAMBRIDGE, Massachusetts: Moderna announced last week that it is preparing to hire some 2,000 employees in 2023 and open new offices on the U.S. West Coast, as it increases the development of new products following the decrease in COVID vaccine sales.

Moderna noted that it will establish new offices in California and Seattle, along with opening a new Genomics unit in south San Francisco.

The announced expansions comes as Moderna works on developing vaccines for skin cancer, flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) using its mRNA technology.

Currently, Moderna has been primarily selling its Covid vaccines, but new products would significantly change the direction of the company.

However, there have been concerns that with the end of selling Covid vaccines, Moderna could post losses in 2023.

Moderna employs some 3,900 full-time employees, as of filings dated December 31.