Russia-Ukraine war: grain deal can be extended by only 60 days, says Russian minister – live updates

From 24m ago 01.20 EDT Russian has suggested renewing a crucial deal to allow the safe export of gain from Ukraine’s Black Sea ports for half the term of the previous agreement, Reuters reports. The proposal was first brokered between Russia and Ukraine by the United Nations and Turkey last July. Without this grain, a number of countries would experience a critical food shortage. In November the deal was extended for 120 days but is now expected to be renewed on Saturday for 60 days after Russian deputy foreign minister Sergei Vershinin met with UN Officials in Geneva, citing restrictions on Russian agricultural exporters. Ukraine’s infrastructure minister Oleksandr Kubrakov said that Russia’s stance went against the agreement, but did not reject Moscow’s 60-day proposal. [The grain] agreement involves at least 120 days of extension, therefore Russia’s position to extend the deal only for 60 days contradicts the document signed by Turkey and the UN. We’re waiting for the official position of the UN and Turkey as the guarantors of the initiative.

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5m ago 01.40 EDT Russian forces have made “marginal” gains in several parts of Ukraine according to the latest analysis by the Institute for The Study of War (ISW). Northeast of Kupyansk, Russian forces appeared to advance 17km and 7km east of Siversk. However the ISW sa