Peoria Council working to make city attractive and equitable

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — In an effort to improve Peoria, the city council greenlit several items at Tuesday’s meeting.

A special use ordinance was approved to make an existing building an assisted living facility at 2020 West War Memorial Drive. Logan Park and Morton Square Park will receive upgrades thanks to $875,000 of Community Development Block Grant Funds allocated to the Peoria Park District.

The council also approved waiving the fees for food trucks and food carts for the remainder of 2023. In addition to the fee waiver food trucks can operate along the courthouse square block of Hamilton Boulevard and Adams Street. That vote passed 8 to 3 with Cyr, Oyler and Ruckriegel voting against the ordinance.

“I think it sends the wrong message to our restaurants downtown,” said Councilman Zachary Oyler. “I enjoy going to the food carts and the food trucks. And I think any of the owners that are here locally know that I frequent them. But the locations that these go and saying, ‘You don’t have to pay but you have to pay property taxes and stormwater fees is completely unfair.’”

A big part of the night was spent listening to two presentations. The first, was by the Greater Peoria Leadership Council regarding attracting and maintaining talent in Peoria.

According to their presentation, The GPLC will focus on “an immediate approach to executive recruitment with long-term talent attraction strategy, a current focus on Peoria branding as it applies to talent attraction and an inte