Watch: Bear Casually Wanders Into A Man’s Backyard. This Happens Next

A video of a bear coming face-to-face with a man relaxing in his backyard has gone viral. The doorbell footage shows a man named David Oppenheimer using his phone while relaxing in a chair as a huge bear walks up beside him.

Both the bear and the man appear startled by each other for a brief moment before the animal runs away.

The moment was captured in David Oppenheimer’s ring camera at his Asheville house in the USA.

“I looked behind me and didn’t see anything,” David Oppenheimer told CNN, “But about a minute later, the bear came along and was practically in front of me.”

The video soon went viral and surfaced across social media platforms.

The video gathered thousands of likes and several comments. A user commented, “This encounter could have had several different outcomes other than this one… but thank Goodness this is the best outcome for this dude.”

“Black bears rarely attack. Like 1 and a million chances. Just so everyone is aware,” said another user.

“I’m not sure who was more freaked out. The bear or man. I’m sure the bear had a story to tell his family and friends too,” the third user commented.

“Something similar happended to me when I was relaxing by my camp fire just outside of Yosemite. I looked up, there was the bear but he just kept wandering by and walked off into the forest. I tried to follow him but he was too fast and too quiet,” the fourth user shared.

The fifth user joked, “My man saw life zipping like a movie through his mind, but he was stil