Why OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Is A ‘Bit Scared’ Of AI, ChatGPT: 10 Points

ChatGPT, a text-generating AI chatbot from OpenAI, was released in November of last year. Given brief text prompts, ChatGPT can write essays, code, and do a lot more, enhancing productivity. But it also has a darker side, which is worrying for a variety of reasons.

ChatGPT has been used for many unethical purposes, including writing assignments, writing examinations for students, and the creation of phoney images, videos, and voices. There are also reports that hackers are using ChatGPT lures to spread malware on social media. These unusual uses have given the ChatGPT its rockstar-like success, which even shocked its creators at OpenAI.

On the one hand, this AI technology has panicked educational institutions and made Big Tech envious. On the other hand, everyone-from attorneys to speechwriters, programmers to journalists-is waiting impatiently to experience the disruption brought on by ChatGPT.

According to citing these harmful uses, which could be unlawful in many cases, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman urged lawmakers to regulate artificial intelligence during a Senate panel hearing Tuesday, describing the technology’s current boom as a potential “printing press moment” but one that required safeguards.

In his statements before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee, Mr. Altman stated, “OpenAI was founded on the belief that artificial intelligence has the potential to improve nearly every aspect of our lives, but also that it creates serious risks. We think that regulatory intervention