President Praises Chief Justice After He Delivers Speech In Hindi

President Droupadi Murmu praised the Chief Justice Of India, DY Chandrachud, for delivering his address in Hindi during the inauguration of the new Jharkhand High Court building. President Murmu thanked the Chief Justice and spoke about the importance of language in ensuring accessibility to justice.

“The language of justice should be inclusive, so that the parties to the particular case as well as interested citizens at large can become effective stakeholders in the system.,” she said, and urged other judges to follow suit.

She said that as English has been the primary language of courts, a large section of the population is left out of the process.

“The Supreme Court made a worthy beginning when it started making its judgments available in a number of Indian languages, and many other courts have also been doing so now. Needless to say, in a state like Jharkhand with rich linguistic variety, this factor becomes all the more relevant,” she said.

In his speech, DY Chandrachud said that it was the responsibility of everybody in the judiciary to repose the trust of the people who come with a case.

He also said that during his seven-year tenure as a judge at the Supreme Court he had seen some people accused of petty crimes spend months in prison even before they are formally charged. He said that some of them do not have the money or education to present their case.

Inaugurating the new building of the High Court, the President said that authorities have to ensure that pe