How Eric Adams Approached Public Safety in the State Senate

Long before police reform became a national topic, Eric Adams was pushing for it first as an NYPD Captain, and then as a member of the State Senate. Adams is now a candidate for mayor and not all of his positions have aged well – including calling for all transit workers to be armed with tasers.

He retired from the New York Police Department in 2006, the year he ran for the State Senate, but Eric Adams never stopped being an officer. His seven-year-long tenure representing the 20th district in Brooklyn was defined by his actions on police reform and public safety.

“We wanna partner and empower parents that they too can play a role,” Adams said in 2011 about the role parents could play in keeping their children out of trouble.

Adams was that State Senator telling young people to stop the sag and raise their pants, posting the message in billboards around Brooklyn.